Retired truck driver trips on hidden Pepsi crate in discount store, tears medial meniscus. – MyRecentCases

… A 71-year-old widowed former truck driver was making a return at a local discount store.  As she approached the cash register and turned the corner, she tripped and fell on a Pepsi crate that was sticking out from under a display.  The fall was recorded on the store’s video surveillance camera.  As a result of the fall, she tore the medial meniscus in one knee and injured one of her wrists.  After a lawsuit was filed and depositions taken, the case settled for a favorable sum. … [Read more...]

Woman pinned to wall at super center by careless employee pushing a pallet

… A 29-year-old woman on disability was shopping at a local super center.  As she reached for a liter of soda pop from the shelf, a careless store employee pushed a pallet into her, pinning her against the shelving.  The woman injured her neck and shoulder.  She eventually came under the treatment of a pain doctor.  After a lawsuit was filed, the case settled for a reasonable amount. … [Read more...]

Retired music teacher slips on unsafe ceramic tile, tears his tendon, jury finds bakery chain responsible

… A 67-year-old retired music teacher was leaving a restaurant café on a snowy day. The café’s vestibule had a porcelain ceramic tile floor, which is very slippery when wet. The café did not provide enough safety mats for a safe walkway on the tile.  The two mats that were provided were not slip-resistant.  As the music teacher was about to step outside, he stepped with one foot on the exposed, wet tile. One of the mats slid under his other foot and he fell backwards, completely rupturing the tendon in his leg.  He had emergency surgery and underwent several months of rehabilitation. After a hard-fought trial, a jury found that the café was … [Read more...]

Retiree needs walker when discount store clerk pushes cart into her

A 74-year-old retiree had just finished shopping at a discount store and was headed to the checkout. The store employee, who was pushing a re-stocking cart loaded with boxes, came up behind the retiree and crashed into her, knocking her to the floor. The retiree injured her chest, hip and low back. She treated with an orthopedic surgeon and had to use a walker. The discount store eventually settled the claim. … [Read more...]

Woman trips on post remnant at zoo

A 52 year old woman was at the zoo with her boyfriend and her boyfriends two teenage daughters. As they approached the elephant exhibit, she stepped off the path to look at a rabbit in the bushes. The zoo had partially removed some metal posts cutting them off unevenly at their bases. She tripped and fell on the remnants of a post, falling and severely injuring her wrist. A lawsuit was filed and zoo employees were called in for depositions. The case settled on the eve of trial. … [Read more...]

Psychologist trips on unpainted curb at newly-opened store, suffers a concussion and broken tooth.

A 53-year-old psychologist was walking in a parking lot, about to enter a newly-opened store. The edge of the sidewalk on one side of a curb cut was painted yellow, but the edge on the other side was not. She failed to see the unpainted curb, tripping and falling to the ground. She broke a tooth, which had to be pulled and replaced. She also had a scar and a concussion. The store owner was sued. After depositions were taken, the case was settled without a trial. … [Read more...]

Unsecured bed post falls on shopper, injuring his shoulder

A 45-year-old man and his wife were shopping at a furniture store. When he touched a bed post, the post fell over, striking him violently in the shoulder. His shoulder was badly contused. He had extensive physical therapy. The furniture store?s insurance company later settled the claim. … [Read more...]

Clerk at food coop crashes cart into woman looking at merchandise

An 82-year-old widow was shopping at a local food cooperative. As she bent over to look at a display shelf, she was barreled over by a supply cart pushed recklessly by one of the cooperative?s employees. Her pelvis was cracked, and she had to spend time in a nursing facility for rehab. The claim against the food cooperative eventually settled. … [Read more...]

College senior slips and falls in icy apartment parking lot, badly fracturing her leg.

A 21-year-old college senior slipped and fell on a patch of ice in the parking lot of her apartment. This particular patch of ice had been there for some time and had formed hills and ridges. The weather report also confirmed that it hadn't snowed for several days. The college senior badly fractured her leg, requiring orthopedic surgery with screws and a rod implanted. A lawsuit was filed against the apartment complex in a conservative jurisdiction. After the pre-trial exchange of information, the case settled for a favorable sum. … [Read more...]

Parochial school teacher falls on broken sidewalk at mall, witnesses include a monk and a priest

A 76-year-old retired parochial school teacher tripped and fell on a broken sidewalk outside of a local shopping mall. She struck her face and needed dental reconstruction. Rather than fix the broken sidewalk, the mall had painted it yellow along with the curbing on the edge of the sidewalk. Witnesses to the fall included a seminary student who was studying to be a monk and the school teacher's son, a priest, who came to the scene to take photographs. The case settled after an award was entered by a Board of Arbitrators … [Read more...]

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