Bachelorette party bus driver engages in poor driving, young woman scarred for life.

… A 30-year-old woman and her friends chartered a private bus for a bachelorette party. The bus driver got lost and the young woman began walking to the front to assist him with directions.  As she approached the driver, he suddenly swerved the bus, throwing the woman off her feet and into the bus door.  She sustained a significant cut on her cheek, resulting in an unsightly scar. The case was settled after a lawsuit was filed. … [Read more...]

Musician hops off the bus, Gus, gets hit by a car, can’t play the guitar, then settles his case.

… A 50-year-old musician got off the bus and began to cross the street when he was struck by a speeding car.  The musician had two fractured vertebra in his neck and a closed head injury with memory loss.  After a lawsuit was filed and depositions taken, the case settled for the other driver’s insurance policy limits. … [Read more...]

Chiropractor’s motor vehicle crash claim finally adjusted successfully after lawsuit filed.

... A 53-year-old chiropractor was sitting at a stop sign in his twin turbo Porsche when he was suddenly rear ended by a young driver delivering a deli order.  The young driver, who pled guilty to armed robbery when he was only 16 years old, fled the scene.  The chiropractor easily chased down the delivery driver and forced him to pull over.  The chiropractor had multiple injuries to his spine and was unable to work for an extended period of time.  After a lawsuit was filed and extensive discovery conducted, the case settled satisfactorily. … [Read more...]

Pregnant office manager injures spleen when her Mercedes SUV is rearended.

… A 35-year-old woman, three months pregnant, was stopped in traffic in her Mercedes SUV when it was rear ended by a car which had been pushed into the SUV by a car behind it.  The Mercedes frame was damaged. The pregnant woman injured her spleen from impact with the seat belt and suffered neck sprain, low back sprain and a closed-head injury.  The woman was earning a significant salary as the office manager in her husband’s chiropractic office. The responsible driver’s automobile insurer paid its liability limits.  An additional claim was settled with the pregnant woman’s underinsured motorist company … [Read more...]

Drunk driver unscrews license plate and flees.

… A 22-year-old college graduate student was a passenger in a friend’s car going for a late-night bite to eat.  A large SUV suddenly turned left into the side of the much smaller car, causing a major impact. The SUV driver, who was drunk, pulled out a screw driver, unscrewed the license plate of the SUV and fled the scene.  The grad student, who was from Atlanta, flew back home where she had medical treatment.  The grad student had multiple bruises and lacerations, including a large cut on her nose. Since all three occupants of the car were injured, the driver’s automobile liability insurance had to be divided up appropriately. … [Read more...]

Drunk driving wrong way on interstate causes havoc.

… A 23-year-old man and his girlfriend, a restaurant hostess, were traveling southbound on the interstate when they encountered a pickup truck, driven by a drunk driver, coming directly at them in the wrong direction.  The crash resulted in the young man sustaining a head and knee injury, while the restaurant hostess had multiple cuts on her face and glass in her right eye. The case quickly settled with the drunk driver’s insurance company, which had minimal liability limits.  An underinsured motorist claim also later settled. … [Read more...]

Lawyer and wife on the receiving end of a car crash

…A 50-year-old housewife and her husband, a lawyer, were returning from watching a golf tournament at a local country club.  The housewife was driving her Cadillac on a local road when an elderly driver suddenly pulled into her path from an intersecting road. The impact pushed the Cadillac into the on-coming lane where there was a second collision with a pickup truck.  The housewife fractured her right foot and right ankle and had multiple sprains, contusions and bruises.  She also had a herniated disc in her neck.  Her husband, the lawyer, injured his neck, shoulder and elbow.  The housewife, in particular, had significant medical … [Read more...]

Should have watched the road, not the funny people on the side of the road.

… A 54-year-old worker was driving her car, with her son as a passenger, when the car behind her suddenly struck her vehicle in the rear.  The driver of the car behind later said that he was watching people on the sidewalk doing something funny and was not paying attention.  She injured her neck and shoulder as well as fracturing a tooth.  A lawsuit was filed and the case went to court. It settled on the eve of trial. … [Read more...]

Inexperienced driver slides his car down an icy driveway, crashing into a passing motorist.

… A 59-year-old woman was driving on a rural road in the winter when an inexperienced driver slid his car down an icy driveway, lost control, and crashed into the side of her passing vehicle.  Her vehicle was undriveable and she was rushed to the hospital by ambulance. She injured her neck and shoulder with treatment from both a chiropractor and her family doctor.  Her case settled after a lawsuit was filed for the young driver’s automobile liability insurance limits. … [Read more...]

Wedding trip results in broken thumb.

… A 24-year-old woman was driving her car on her way to pick up her boyfriend to go to a wedding. As she approached a blind intersection, a car coming the other way turned left in front of her, causing a significant impact. The woman hit her head and broke her thumb from the airbag deploying. According to her hand surgeon, because the break was in the joint, she was at significant risk to develop arthritis in her thumb.  The case settled with the other driver’s insurance company. … [Read more...]

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