Student teaches professor a lesson after being hit in crosswalk by his SUV

… A 21-year-old college student was crossing a busy street near the University when she was hit in the crosswalk by a Sport Utility Vehicle.  The driver, a college professor, stopped to render aid.  The professor was reluctant to turn this into his motor vehicle insurance company, but eventually did so. The insurance company then settled the case without a lawsuit.  … [Read more...]

Speeding drunk driver sends pregnant teen into pre-labor.

… A 15-year-old girl and her 18-year-old friend, who was then nine months pregnant, were the back-seat-passengers in a van which was rear ended by a speeding drunk driver. The 15-year-old girl had a lump on her head along with injuries to her neck, shoulder and lower back.  The 18-year-old pregnant girl went into “pre-labor”.  After a lawsuit was filed against the drunk driver, the case settled out of court. … [Read more...]

Young man falls into the river and is injured when larger boat cruises into his boat.

… A 26-year-old man, his parents and girlfriend were boating on the river.  They pulled their boat into a lock.  A bigger cruiser began to back up, coming close to their boat. The young man reached out to push that boat away when it suddenly sped away, causing him to fall into the river.  The cruiser was sued for the young man’s injuries. After a lawsuit was filed and discovery completed, the case settled without further proceedings. … [Read more...]

Bread company rises to the occasion and settles with utility worker injured in crash involving faulty brakes.

… A 55-year-old power company worker was driving his employer’s truck when a bakery truck crashed into him after reportedly losing its brakes.  The driver of the bakery truck admitted their had been brake problems with his truck recently.  The power company worker injured his neck and his arm began to go numb.  After a lawsuit was filed, the case settled out of court.- MyRecentCases … [Read more...]

Motor vehicle passenger with limited tort insurance receives full compensation for his serious injuries.

… A 42-year-old unemployed man was a passenger in his friend’s pick-up when his friend lost control of his vehicle on ice in the bend of a country road. The man was life-flighted to the hospital. He had a concussion, bruised heart and lung.  Although the man had limited tort insurance coverage, his serious injuries, including a serious disfigurement, qualified him for compensation for his pain and suffering.  The case settled for the other driver’s automobile insurance limits plus a significant sum from the man’s underinsured motorist insurance. - MyRecentCases … [Read more...]

Tractor trailer pastes dental hygienist in Mercedes.

… A 29-year-old dental hygiene student was driving her husband’s Mercedes in downtown traffic. A tractor trailer, turning left from the middle lane, side swiped the car, causing disabling damages. The student had multiple musculoskeletal injuries. She sought medical treatment with a chiropractor and a physical medicine specialist. Although liability was initially denied, the tractor trailer’s insurer eventually conceded liability and settled the claim. - MyRecentCases … [Read more...]

Company controller injured when other driver was not in control of his car.

… A 38-year-old company controller for a printing company was returning from an appointment with a client. He was driving on the freeway when his car was rear ended by another vehicle.  He had an earlier neck injury, including a neck fracture. He reinjured his neck in this crash. The case was settled for a moderate sum before suit was filed. - MyRecentCases … [Read more...]

Pastor injured in car crash while on company business.

…. A 60-year-old part-time pastor was driving for a car dealership, returning a loaner car from a customer’s home.  While stopped at a traffic light, his car was violently rear ended by another car.  He had multiple injuries including a fractured toe.  The car dealer’s worker’s compensation insurer paid for his medical expenses.  The case eventually settled with the worker’s compensation insurer being reimbursed a portion of its payments.- MyRecentCases … [Read more...]

Disabled man injured by wanted criminal, collects uninsured motorist benefits.

… A 46-year-old man on disability was stopped in his car at a traffic light when he was rear ended by an uninsured motorist.  The uninsured motorist had a warrant out for his arrest for an earlier drunk driving incident.  He was arrested by the police at the scene. The disabled man injured his left shoulder and rotator cuff.  He had surgery. The case eventually settled with the disabled man’s uninsured motorist insurer. -MyRecentCases … [Read more...]

Young mother wishes she didn’t accept a ride from a stranger

... A 21-year-old woman and her 13-month-old son were stranded at a bus stop. They accepted a ride home from a kindly stranger.  The stranger, kindly but irresponsible, ran a red light, crashing into a tractor trailer.  The woman’s shoulder was fractured in the crash, requiring surgery with pins and screws. The baby, thank goodness, was unharmed. The case settled successfully with the driver’s insurance company. The case also settled for additional money from the woman’s underinsured motorist coverage.  - MyRecentCases … [Read more...]

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